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Jacquelink is a Swarovski crystallized accessories specialist, which started in 2009. With our specialties and uniqueness, Jacquelink has never stop to create the unique customized product and brighten Indonesian fashion accessories industry through our innovative and custom products. Jacquelink has a wide range of Swarovski crystallized products, varies from Swarovski crystallized Necklaces, Swarovski Clutches, bag hangers, rings, bangles, casings, and many more Swarovski value added product. All these products are made with CRYSTALIZED – Swarovski Elements.

Jacquelink has been a ‘has to buy’ product & perfect gift for a considerable extensive market segments, from students, mature young woman to elderly. Jacquelink carefully design and select our products with an eye for the smallest details, elegance and uniqueness. As the pioneer in bringing the new innovative Swarovski fashion accessories, Jacquelink gives not only qualities but also great services.

Granted with Swarovski’s Branding Partner License as “store using original Swarovski” [licenses granted limited to 18 Indonesian brand only], Jacquelink specializing in custom design or colours for any of client’s own most favourite products.

“Let your life Sparkling with Jacquelink!”

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